Bites of smoked scamorza cheese and speck


The recipe for the bites of smoked scamorza cheese and speck is really speedy .

Quick and tasty bites

It will allow us to prepare an appetizer or a delicious aperitif with a few simple ingredients.

We can prepare them by dividing the scamorza bites in half or leaving them whole.

If we decide to replace the smoked cheese with another cheese we can try to make mini cubes the size of a peanut … they will be like cherries, one leads to another.

So out the recipe and let’s start preparing.

We turn on the oven to heat it up. In the meantime, cut the pieces of scamorza cheese in half and the slices of speck.

We wrap the pieces of smoked cheese with the slices of speck and place them on a plate lined with parchment paper.

Cooking bites of smoked scamorza cheese and speck

We bake at 180 ° in static mode for a few minutes. It should take less than 5 minutes.

They will be ready when the speck starts to get a little dark and the smoked cheese has softened without melting completely.

Mmmmmh … what a mouth watering!

Bites of smoked scamorza cheese and speck

Anna’s advice:

If we do not find the scamorza bites we can also use the large scamorza and cut it into cubes or cigarettes.

The variant with Asiago instead of scamorza is also excellent, you will feel that goodness.

In this case we pay attention to the cooking times which would be slightly lower.

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So … to the next greedy snack …

Ciaooo 😀

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