Buckwheat hazelnut cake


Back from the summer holidays, I immediately wanted to prepare the Buckwheat hazelnut cake.

A dessert with a rustic flavor, which characterized my breakfasts in the mountains.

This year I brought home several products from South Tyrol, one of them is buckwheat flour, now very well known and used.

On the market you can find different types of buckwheat flours, with a more or less fine grain and a more or less dark color.

I chose a fine-grained and less dark flour, and I must say that the result was more than satisfactory.

Obviously in the mountains I also bought the cranberry jam for the filling.

You will find that this cake is great for both breakfast and afternoon tea.

As a true greedy, before serving the cake, I also add a nice sprig of blueberry cream.

Do you want to try one of the typical flavors of South Tyrol?

Then Get the recipe!

How to prepare Buckwheat hazelnut cake

First of all, remember that all the ingredients, except the cream, must be at room temperature and the butter must be soft.

So take the ingredients out of the fridge well in advance.

Turn on the oven at 170° static mode and let it heat up.

Chop the hazelnuts in a blender to reduce them to flour and set aside.

chopped hazelnuts for Buckwheat hazelnut cake

Separate the yolks from the whites. Whip the whites until stiff with 70 grams of sugar.

beaten egg whites

Leave them aside for a moment and move on to the other ingredients.

Work the soft butter with the remaining 70 grams of sugar with an electric mixer.

butter and sugar

Add the egg yolks to the butter, one at a time, continuing to use the electric whisk.

Also add a pinch of salt, lemon zest or a teaspoon of liquid vanilla and flour.

mix ingredients

At this point the dough will be very dense and it will be easier to work it with a spatula.

Pour the chopped hazelnuts into the mixture, grate the apple inside, mix well and add the sifted yeast.

Don’t worry if the dough is very thick, it is just as it should be.

mix flour hazelnuts eggs sugar

grated apple

Finally, incorporate the egg whites into the mixture a little at a time.

dough with egg whites

Pour the mixture into a 22 cm diameter opening mold, greased and floured or lined with parchment paper.

Buckwheat hazelnut cake

Bake Buckwheat hazelnut cake

Bake for about 40-45 minutes.

Do not open the oven while the cake is baking or the cake will collapse in the center.

Do the toothpick test to check the cooking.

As soon as it has cooled completely, remove it from the mold, cut it in half, stuff it with jam and sprinkle the surface with icing sugar …

et voilà … it’s ready to be served.

Buckwheat hazelnut cake

Buckwheat hazelnut cake

Do you want to accompany this dessert with a delicious cream?

Then put the bowl where it will be mounted, in the freezer to cool …. and then….

Prepare the blueberry cream:

Put the jam in a large bowl, mix it so that it softens a little and leave it aside for a moment.

Pour the cream with the sugar into the container you have put to cool and whip it.

cranberry jam

Gradually add the whipped cream to the jam, stirring gently.

Blueberry cream for Buckwheat hazelnut cake

Your cranberry cream is ready.

Cranberry cream for Buckwheat hazelnut cake

Cut your cake into slices and serve it accompanied with the blueberry cream !!

Buckwheat hazelnut cake

Anna’s advice:

  • the blueberry jam is acidulous and creates a nice contrast with the flavor of the hazelnuts, but if we prefer less sour tastes we can choose a raspberry jam or berries.
  • we choose good quality hazelnuts for the preparation of this cake, avoiding if possible the ready-made hazelnut flour, the taste will gain considerably.
  • if we want to add a little moisture to the cake, after cutting it, brush it inside with a little non-alcoholic syrup, prepared with water and sugar, and then stuff it with jam.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe !!

See you next sweetie ..

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