Coconut tiramisù


Get ready to savor a truly greedy dessert with Coconut tiramisù.

This fake coconut and Nutella tiramisù is able to bring the whole family together, because it contains much appreciated ingredients, such as coconut yogurt, mascarpone, Nutella and Pavesini.

It is also a quick and easy dessert to prepare, without eggs and without cooking.

The slightly acid note of yogurt contrasts with the sweetness of Nutella creating a perfect and harmonious combination.

Does it seem impossible to you? Read the passages and after I am sure you will agree with me.

Use the yogurt you like best, the important thing is that it is sweet and creamy.

I usually choose the one that has coconut flakes inside.

Before you hurry to buy the ingredients, however, I want to warn you of one important thing: this coccomisù can be addictive.

Are you ready? Then Get the recipe!

How to prepare Coconut tiramisù

First, remember to put the cream in the fridge to cool a few hours before.

Even though it is a vegetable cream, its yield will be much better if you work it cold.

Whip it with the electric whisk and keep it aside for a moment.

In another bowl, mix the mascarpone with the slowly poured yogurt, again using the electric whisk.

When the ingredients are well blended, add the vegetable cream a little at a time.

Et voilà our cream is ready.

Soften the Nutella in the microwave or in a double boiler.

You are now ready to assemble your coconut tiramisù in a pan (20×25).

Start by forming a light layer of cream on the bottom, place the pavesini on top without soaking them in milk.

Pour a part of the cream on the biscuits, drop a little Nutella and spread it lightly and then sprinkle with a little rapé coconut.

Put another layer of pavesini, taking care to soak them in the milk very very quickly, so that they just get wet on one side, then cover with cream, nutella and coconut rapé.

Continue until you run out of ingredients.

Chill in the refrigerator for 4 or 5 hours before serving.

Coconut tiramisù coccomisù

Paolone’s advice:

You can also avoid soaking the pavesini in milk, so you will have a more compact cake.

For an alternative version of this dessert, you can use a sweet white yogurt, and fill the layers with pieces of peach in syrup and dark chocolate flakes. If you like, use the fruit syrup to wet the pavesini.

Do you like mascarpone desserts? Maybe without cooking?

Then take a look at the recipe for chocolate truffles.

Thanks for reading our recipe. See you next gluttony.

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