Goat cheese croutons apricot and almond


A delicacy with a sweet and salty flavor

Recipe goat cheese croutons, apricot and almond is an appetizer dedicated to people who, like me, love to try new combinations.

Today I propose you a crouton of bread on which we will spread some goat cheese.

So far everything seems quite well known, but in this version the crouton will be enriched with small pieces of dried apricot and chopped toasted almonds …

I find that sweetness of the apricot enhances flavor of the goat cheese, and the almond adds a pleasant note of crunchiness.

Does this seem too bold a combination? just have to try it ..

So … get the recipe … and let’s prepare them.

Preparation of goat cheese croutons, apricot and almond

First we turn on the oven at 180° in static mode.

Place a handful of almonds on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake them for about ten minutes and then let them cool.

We are careful not to let them darken excessively.

Now let’s soak dried apricots in very hot water for about ten minutes.

After this time, drain and squeeze them lightly and then cut them into thin strips and leave them aside.

At this point almonds have cooled down, so let’s proceed by chopping them coarsely.

For this operation we can use a blender, operating it for a few seconds at a time to prevent a buttery mixture from forming.

We slice the baguette and bake the slices for a few minutes.

Then spread the goat cheese on the warm slices of bread and cover with some apricot strips and a sprinkling of almonds. We serve immediately ….

Goat cheese croutons apricot and almond

Anna’s advice:

Quantities of ingredients for this recipe are indicative, therefore, adjust according to your taste.

I used two goat cheese of 80 grams each and I stuffed 12 slices of bread.

I only put 3 strips of apricot for each crouton, but nothing prevents you from using a few more.

Almonds are my passion, so I used one for each crouton.

And so … Enjoy your meal! 😋

And if you like, take a look at Paolone’s Youtube channel too … Thanks friends! 😉

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