Light carrot and almond cake


A sweet as soft as a cloud

The light carrot and almond cake is without butter and without oil, but I assure you that it is really delicious.

Its soft and moist texture will win you over from the first bite.

The preparation method also makes this dessert perfect.

He plans to blend the carrots with the eggs, and then add the flours.

The light carrot and almond cake is as soft as a cloud.

It is perfect for a snack, five o’clock tea or a picnic … Carrots , in addition to being good, are also rich in vitamins, and thanks to their orange color, they add joy to sweet and savory dishes.

If like me, you often find yourself with a large amount of carrots in the fridge, prepare this version of carrot cake .

Try it for breakfast with a nice steaming coffee …

Then get the recipe !!

How to prepare the light carrot and almond cake

We wash and trim the ends of the carrots.

Then let’s make them into coarse pieces and pass them in the mixer together with the juice of half an orange.

When they are chopped, add the eggs inside as well.

We blend for 3-4 minutes so that a frothy mixture is formed.

Pour the almond flour, sugar, lemon peel into a bowl, mix them and leave aside for a moment.

Put the egg and carrot mixture in a large bowl and add the honey and vanilla, mix them gently.

If we don’t have liquid bourbon vanilla we can use vanillin but in this case less will be enough.

Gradually pour the sifted flour and cornstarch into the egg mixture.

Then add the almond flour with the sugar, always mixing with circular movements from top to bottom so as not to dismantle the eggs too much.

Finally, add the sifted yeast to the other ingredients.

Line a 24-diameter mold with a high edge with parchment paper, pour the dough into it and bake at 175 ° static for about 35/40 minutes.

The last 5 minutes of cooking we move the cake to the lowest part of the oven so that it cooks well on the bottom.

If our light carrot and almond cake begins to darken too much during cooking, cover it with aluminum foil and continue to cook it for the remaining time.

To check the cooking we do the toothpick test.

The cake must rest for at least two hours before being served.

Let’s not forget to sprinkle it with powdered sugar ..

Light carrot and almond cake

Anna’s advice:

  • The eggs must be at room temperature. They should be whipped in the mixer with the carrots for 3-4 minutes.
  • However, keep in mind that the volume will increase a lot, so let’s use a mixer with adequate capacity. I used the food processor at speed 4.
  • If we do not have almond flour, blend the whole peeled almonds together with the sugar. We blend intermittently so that the oil does not come out of the almonds.
  • if we want a more consistent dessert, we can remove the cornstarch and use 60 grams of 00 flour.

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And if you like, take a look at Paolone’s Youtube channel too … Thanks friends! 😉

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