Basil pesto with almonds


A fragrant condiment

Basil pesto with almonds it is a fragrant sauce typical of the summer season, it is quick to prepare and excellent for seasoning both long and short pasta.

I also put it on the white pizza at the end of cooking, I drop a few drops of pesto on the mozzarella, and complete the filling with roasted ham and stracchino.

A real goodness!

I started using almonds in pesto some time ago, when I found myself short of pine nuts, and with basil seedlings full of leaves, ready to give life to a magnificent pesto.

In the throes of an attack of laziness, I gave up going out to buy pine nuts, and I tried to make pesto using almonds.

I must say that this replacement did not displease me at all. On the contrary, I admit that since then I have often found myself preparing it.

However the Genoese pesto (Basil sauce), with pine nuts, will always remain my favorite.

I forgot to tell you an important detail, I prepare it with the mixer and not with the mortar.

Would you like to try our version too?

So Get the recipe and prepare it ..

How to make Basil pesto with almonds

Before starting to prepare the pesto, let’s make sure that the mixer and the ingredients we will use are very cold.

For this it will be necessary to put oil, container, including the blades in the fridge several hours in advance.

I also let them cool all night.

After having carefully washed and dried the basil leaves, pour them into the mixer together with the clove of garlic, from which we will have removed the core, with a pinch of coarse salt and oil.

Basil pesto with almonds

We operate the mixer and whisk just the necessary time, otherwise the basil could darken too much.

At first it will seem too liquid but let’s not worry.

We add the cheeses and whisk for a moment to mix well.

We will now have a creamy and at the same time a bit grainy sauce.

If we want a smoother pesto, let’s whisk a few more moments.

We can use basil pesto with almond immediately stretching it with a little bit of the pasta cooking water.

Or keep it in the fridge, in a glass jar covered with a drizzle of oil and tightly closed.

We can replace the almonds with 30 grams of pine nuts.

Let’s consume it within a few days.

Basil pesto with almonds

Anna’s advice:

To obtain a good pesto it is necessary to use high quality ingredients.

For a more delicate taste we use half a clove of garlic.

And if you like, take a look at Paolone’s Youtube channel too … Thanks friends! ­čśë

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