Busiate with Trapani pesto sauce


Pasta with the taste of Sicily …

Have you ever heard of the Busiate with Trapani pesto sauce?

Those who don’t live in Sicily may not.

And in fact it is not very easy to find this type of pasta in grocery stores around the house.

But with a little research and a little commitment you can do it.

I found the Busiate in a shop that sells products from all over the world …

You may be wondering: why not use a more common and easy-to-obtain type of pasta?

Those who have tasted the Busiate can explain it to you! …

It is probably the pasta shape that goes best with Trapani pesto sauce because, thanks to their twisted shape, they hold the sauce well and make every bite really succulent.

The name Busiate derives from the iron used to make pasta.

The stem of a plant was used, the Disa or Saracchio, which grows on sandy soils. This stem was called busa.

Busiate Trapani

Did I intrigue you at least a little bit?

Would you like to try this delicious first course?

So … Get the recipe and let’s get started!

How to prepare the busiate with Trapani pesto sauce

First we prepare the Trapani pesto sauce. You can find it here.

As soon as the sauce is ready, put a pot of water on the stove.

I suggest putting a liter of water for every 100 gr of pasta.

When the water comes to a boil, salt and pour the busiate.

Let them cook for the time indicated on the package.

Drain the pasta, pour it into a bowl and add the pesto.

Then, mix the pasta sauce well.

We immediately serve the busiate with Trapani pesto sauce with a generous sprinkling of pecorino.

So.. Good appetite everyone🍝

Busiate with Trapani pesto sauce

If you liked the recipe, rate it. Also, if you wish, leave a comment as well.

We will appreciate it so much!

And if you like, take a look at Paolone’s Youtube channel too … Thanks friends! 😉

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