Donuts with apples and cinnamon


Longing for autumn

Autumn has not yet arrived and I already find myself preparing donuts with apples and cinnamon .

The storm from last weekend brought a bit of freshness … and I found the courage to turn on the oven to prepare some soft and fragrant treats to eat a Breakfast.

We’re going to need one to cook these apple treats donut mold suitable for the oven, I use a silicone 6 portions.

With the same dough we can also make muffins, and maybe stuff them with a teaspoon of jam.

So get the recipe and let’s see how to make apple donuts

Preparation of donuts with apples and cinnamon

We turn on the oven at 180 ° in static mode so it will have time to heat up well.

We melt the butter in the microwave or in a bain marie and let it cool.

Let’s use a small part of it to grease the molds well.

In a bowl, pour the egg, sugar, vanilla and start mixing with a hand whisk.

We grate half an apple inside.

We also add the butter, a pinch of salt and mix well.

Gradually pour in the flour, and finally the yeast … the tip of a teaspoon is enough.

Fill the molds and bake for about 20-25 minutes.

We do the toothpick test to check the cooking.

If the donuts darken too much, but are still raw inside, cover them with parchment paper or aluminum and continue cooking for the necessary time.

Before removing the apple donuts from the molds, let them cool completely.

It will take several hours.

Once they are out of the mold, let’s roll them in the sugar that we have mixed with the cinnamon.

Donuts with apples and cinnamon

Anna’s advice:

We can replace the grated apple in this way: sauté pieces of apple, together with a knob of butter and a teaspoon of brown sugar.

Fill the molds 3/4 with the mixture, place the pieces of apple on top and cover with the rest of the mixture.

In this way the apple will not settle on the bottom of the donuts … let’s bake and … have a good snack at all ☺️🍩

If you liked the recipe, let me know on the social channels of Fuori le ricette … see you soon

And if you like, take a look at Paolone’s Youtube channel too … Thanks friends! 😉

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