Non alcoholic aperitif with raspberry syrup


non alcoholic aperitif with raspberry syrup.

As a child, my dad often made me a drink with mint syrup and orgeat.

I really liked that sweet almond scent, and that feeling of freshness it left in the mouth.

In fact, for years I thought this was the best cocktail in the world.

My father, by the way, was a bartender, has always made me taste new combinations of flavors, some of which are now known and appreciated by everyone.

I understood that fruit syrups are great for creating delicious sweets and desserts.

Non alcoholic aperitif with raspberry syrup: delicious and refreshing cocktail

But they are even more so for the preparation of quick and thirst-quenching cocktails, such as the non alcoholic aperitif with raspberry syrup that I propose today and that my dad taught me.

Sipping an aperitif in the evening is a good way to relax and thus project your mind towards the weekend.

Do you want to try? So get the recipe and we prepare the aperitif with raspberry syrup.


First we pour a few ice cubes into the glasses. Squeeze the orange and divide the juice between the two glasses.

Add two cups of non-alcoholic red bitter and a cup of sparkling water to each glass.

Finally, pour three tablespoons of raspberry syrup.

We mix with a teaspoon and serve with some fresh raspberries skewered in a toothpick and dipped in the glass.


Non alcoholic aperitif with raspberry syrup

Anna’s advice:

For a variant, we can also replace the raspberry syrup with the same amount of strawberry syrup.

Perhaps you are wondering which snack can you accompany it with? Then Click here to see the recipe for salted almonds .

Let me know on instagram if you liked the recipe and also what your favorite syrup is ­čśő

thank you very much

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