Non alcoholic hugo


Elderflower-scented aperitif

And here we are for a new recipe! Non alcoholic hugo

With the arrival of summer, the desire to spend some time outdoors increases.

Do you like sipping a fresh aperitif in the garden or on the terrace of your home?

On sultry and very hot days, what could be better?

This non-alcoholic aperitif will remind you of cool mountain evenings …

What I’m going to propose is a version of Hugo, but without the prosecco, that is to say the non-alcoholic Hugo .

The first time I tasted it was during a holiday in Trentino Alto Adige a few years ago.

Since then I have been trying to prepare a mix that reminded me of that flavor ….

Therefore try it and customize it to your taste too …

Would you like to prepare non-alcoholic Hugo too?

I am convinced that you too will fall in love with this excellent refreshing aperitif .

then get the recipe and let’s start …



Non alcoholic Hugo – a very fast preparation

The preparation of the Hugo is very fast and easy to perform.

Have you ever prepared a cocktail? No problem!

To do this you just have to worry about taking a glass and the ingredients, and that’s it!

So let’s get started …

In each glass, pour a few ice cubes, a bottle of non-alcoholic white bitter, 3 tablespoons of elderflower syrup and 10 cl of sparkling water.

Finally, Mix well and add a few mint leaves and a slice of lime.

And that’s it! Our aperitif is ready to be enjoyed in all its freshness! …

Non alcoholic Hugo

Paolone’s advice:

To adjust the sweetness of the drink according to your preferences, just increase or decrease the amount of sparkling water.

For instance, the more water you put in, the less sweet the drink will be.

You can prepare it in advance and store it in the fridge in a jug.

When it is time to serve it, just add the ice and mint leaves.

Also, remember to accompany it with delicious appetizers such as oven salted toasted almonds.

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We thank you and also wish you ‘happy aperitif to all’🍹🍸😄

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