Syracusan Sicilian peppers


A tasty and aromatic side dish

Syracusan Sicilian peppers they are a truly irresistible side dish, during the preparation an incredible scent spreads in the house, which anticipates the flavor.

The recipe that we propose today is a variant of Syracusan Sicilian peppers, to which pecorino is added.

We really like this version because, as you have well understood by now, we love pecorino cheese and toasted almonds.

If you want a version closer to the traditional one, you can omit the cheese.

Once cooked, let them rest for a few hours … the taste will increase, repaying us greatly for that wait.

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How to prepare Syracusan Sicilian peppers

First we toast the almonds in the oven at 180° static mode for 8-10 minutes.

Let them cool for a few minutes then chop them coarsely, using a mixer, or putting the almonds in a plastic bag for food and pounding them with a meat mallet or potato masher.

Now we wash the peppers, remove the seeds and white filaments from the inside.

Let’s cut them into strips.

We mix the breadcrumbs with pecorino in a bowl and leave aside.

In a large pan heat a little oil with the garlic, and pour the peppers, salt, and cook for 5-6 minutes over high heat.

We add apple cider vinegar and let it evaporate.

Peppers in a pan

Cover with a lid, lower the heat and let it cook for about ten minutes, stirring occasionally.

We also combine the mint, basil, pecorino cheese with breadcrumbs and mix well.

Syracusan Sicilian peppers

Let them cook without a lid for a few more minutes, turning them often, so that the ingredients blend perfectly.

Lastly, add the coarsely chopped almonds.

We leave it on the fire for a couple of more minutes.

Season with salt if necessary.

Syracusan Sicilian peppers

Let the peppers rest a few hours before serving them, they will be even tastier.

Syracusan Sicilian peppers

Paolone’s advice:

We can add some capers together with pecorino and breadcrumbs.

If we don’t like pecorino we can omit it, the peppers will still be very good.

If you liked the recipe, please share it and let us know what your favorite pepper recipe is.

And if you like, take a look at Paolone’s Youtube channel too … Thanks friends! 😉

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