Vegan almond mayonnaise


1,2,3.. Vegan almond mayonnaise

I started to appreciate Vegan almond mayonnaise a few years ago, after having dinner with a dear friend.

On that beautiful casual evening, veggie club sandwiches, french fries, and vegan egg-free mayonnaise were served.

My friend used soy milk as a basic ingredient.

But I, as a die-hard almond fan, couldn’t miss the opportunity to try it with the vegetable almond drink.

The recipe is quick and easy, just have an immersion blender, a container with high sides, and that’s it.

In a few minutes we will be able to enjoy a delicious homemade vegan mayonnaise.

With this egg-free and soy-free version you can obtain a creamy and delicate mayonnaise.

Excellent for the preparation of sandwiches or delicious appetizers because it does not alter the flavor of the other ingredients …

but it is also a perfect sauce to sink steaming fries into 😋

So … Get the recipe and prepare it ….

How to prepare Vegan almond mayonnaise

Pour all the ingredients, almond drink, oil, mustard, salt and lemon into a cylindrical container.

We place the hand blender on the base of the cylinder and blend for about 8-10 seconds without lifting it from the bottom of the bowl.

After this time we will notice that the mayonnaise will begin to thicken.

Then continuing to blend, lift the blender very slowly and then bring it back down.

We repeat the movements from top to bottom until the mayonnaise has reached the desired consistency.

It will take very little …

Let’s taste the mayonnaise and adjust it to our taste by adding salt, lemon or mustard to taste.

We whisk a few more seconds to mix the ingredients well.

If we let it rest in the fridge for a few hours before serving, it will taste even better.

So did you like this recipe?

Didn’t it make you want to organize a dinner of toast and fries to sink into the Vegan almond mayonnaise?

Vegan almond mayonnaise

Anna’s advice:

It is important that the almond drink is sugar-free and cold from the refrigerator.

So let’s put it to cool well in advance.

It is possible to replace lemon and mustard with a few teaspoons of mild apple cider vinegar.

And if you like, take a look at Paolone’s Youtube channel too … Thanks friends! 😉

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