Vegan mayo with soy milk and mustard


Vegan mayo with soy milk that I propose today is a really tasty sauce flavored with a generous amount of mustard .

I used a delicate mustard but if you prefer the spicier flavors you can opt for a mustard with a stronger taste.

The delicate taste of this vegan mayonnaise also makes it suitable for preparing mini sandwiches to be served with an aperitif.

I often brought it to the table, with almond crusted chicken breast, and the diners enjoyed it very much.

Do you want to experience the taste of this new sauce with us?

Then get the recipe and follow the steps ….

How to make vegan mayo with soy milk

We pour all the ingredients, soy drink, mustard, oil and salt into a cylindrical container.

We place the hand blender on the base of the cylinder and blend for about 8-10 seconds without lifting it from the bottom of the bowl.

After this time we will notice that our mustard mayonnaise will begin to thicken.

Then continuing to blend, lift the blender very slowly and then bring it back down.

We repeat the movements from top to bottom until the mayonnaise has reached the desired consistency. It will take very little …

Taste the mayonnaise and add if you still need a little salt.

We mix with a spoon for a few seconds to mix the ingredients well.

If we let it rest in the fridge for a few hours before serving, it will taste even better.

Thank you for reading our vegan mayo with soy milk and mustard recipe.

Vegan mayo with soy milk and mustard

Anna’s advice:

If you don’t like mustard, you can replace it with 3-4 teaspoons of lemon juice.

Make sure that the soy drink is very cold before using it.

See you soon for the next delicacy …

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