Black Hugo aperitif


The black Hugo aperitif is a cocktail with a strong flavor, with a slightly acidic note, given by the blackcurrant syrup.

This is one of the flavors discovered during the holidays in Trentino Alto Adige.

Blackcurrant is used for the preparation of cocktails. But also in the creation of recipes, such as cakes, jams, juices and liqueurs.

With the recipe that we propose here you can prepare the black hugo cocktail at home in a simple and fast way that will surprise you ….

As a good Veneto I prepare this aperitif with the addition of prosecco.

Enjoy it with delicious finger food, such as bites of smoked scamorza cheese and speck .

Are you ready? … Then get the recipe!

How to prepare the Black Hugo aperitif:

We pass the lemon slice on the edge of the glass. Put a little sugar on a napkin and put the edge of the glass on it, so that the sugar sticks.

Pour a few ice cubes into the glass, the blackcurrant syrup, the prosecco and finally the soda or the same amount of cold sparkling water.

We mix everything, add some mint leaves and voilà our aperitif is ready.

Black Hugo aperitif

If you also want to try an alcohol-free version, I recommend you go and see the non-alcoholic hugo.

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