Non alcoholic cocktail with pineapple juice


Non alcoholic cocktail with pineapple juice is a variant of non alcoholic aperitif with raspberry syrup.

Non alcoholic aperitifs or non alcoholic long drinks are becoming increasingly popular, especially among the female audience.

They are undoubtedly very pleasant and have nothing to envy to the alcoholic versions.

Their strength lies in the ease of preparation, so even if we are not Bartenders experts we will be able to serve a delicious aperitif with a few simple steps.

The base of the cocktail usually consists of fresh fruit or fruit juices to which syrups or infusions can be added.

What I propose today is a sweet and fresh cocktail, perfect for summer evenings.

To prepare it we will use pineapple fruit juice, because it is more practical than fresh fruit which is not always easy to find.

We will also add some non-alcoholic bitter or red gingerino, soda and grenadine syrup.

Try it, and have fun creating your favorite mix using other syrups or different juices.

Do not forget to serve it with an appetizer, such as the cheese puff pastry breadsticks or with the delicious salted almonds.

Now let’s take the glasses and … Get the recipe!

How to prepare Non alcoholic cocktail with pineapple juice :

First we pour a few ice cubes into the glasses.

We add the gingerino or the non alcoholic red bitter, the pineapple juice and the soda or sparkling water.

Finally, pour two tablespoons of grenadine syrup.

Gently mix and serve with a skewer of fresh pineapple and candied cherries.

Non alcoholic cocktail with pineapple juice

Paolone’s advice:

Since the eye wants its part too, serve this aperitif in a Hurricane glass.

Or in a cocktail jar with two straws.

We can replace the grenadine syrup with raspberry syrup.

Did you like this cocktail? Then look at aperitifs, and drinks sections you will find other recipes to try.

Are you looking for a particular long drink? Let us know.

And if you like, take a look at Paolone’s Youtube channel too … Thanks friends! 😉

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