Roman style chicken with peppers


As the legendary Sora Lella used to say ” Roman style chicken with peppers is the strongest chicken there is “.

This dish of the Castelli Romani according to tradition is prepared in August, to be consumed during the outings.

All this is accompanied by a generous dose of homemade bread that is used to make the shoe.

To deprive oneself of this ritual would mean giving up part of the pleasure.

So if you can, get yourself a freshly baked loaf and serve it along with the chicken with peppers.

The Roman tradition:

Preparing Roman style chicken with peppers is pretty easy, and requires a few simple ingredients.

But for this very reason it is important to choose quality ones.

The ideal would be to buy a free-range chicken and sweet peppers.

Sora Lella browned the chicken in pieces in a saucepan and cooked the peppers with the onion on the side, then joined them together for the last 5 minutes of cooking.

Our version of roman style chicken with peppers:

Instead, we will use a different method, learned during a cooking class, which will make us have a lighter but at the same time very tasty second course .

We will deprive the chicken of its skin, but we will use it at first to give flavor to the meat it is browning.

Then we will remove it and continue cooking the chicken together with the peppers over low heat, so they will release all their flavor ….

The result will be a soft, juicy and very fragrant chicken.


How to prepare Roman style chicken with peppers:

We remove the skin from the chicken and season the meat with salt and pepper.

Remove the skin from the chicken

Put the tomatoes in a bowl and mash them with your hands.

Mash the tomatoes by hand

Then we cut the onions into thin slices and the peppers into coarse pieces, in this way they will remain meaty after cooking.

Ingredients of the recipe

Brown the skin with a drizzle of oil in a large pot, then add the chicken, let it brown well on all sides and cover it with the lid.

Browning the chicken

After 5-6 minutes we also add the thinly sliced onion, garlic and bay leaves.

Cover and cook over low heat for a few more minutes so that the onion wilt.

Blend the chicken with the wine and let it evaporate, continue cooking with the lid on for a few more minutes, at this point add the hand-crushed peeled tomatoes and remove the skin and garlic.

We cover and cook for another 5 minutes.

Adding the tomato to the chicken

remove the skin from the sauce

Add the peppers cut into pieces, a little salt, mix and leave to cook covered over a very low heat for about 30 minutes; if necessary, add a little hot water.

Adding peppers to chicken

We serve together with slices of homemade bread.

Roman-style chicken with peppers

Anna’s advice:

The cooking time of the chicken is indicative, if we use a free-range chicken the cooking could be longer.

If you use chicken breast, remember to remove it from the pot a little earlier, otherwise it will be stringy.

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