Trofie with white meat sauce and parmesan cream


A complete and tasty first course

Trofie with white meat sauce and parmesan cream they are a rich first course able to amaze our diners.

Yes, because one of the basic ingredients of this recipe is fennel, and not everyone believes that this vegetable can give an extra edge to a meat sauce.

However, I assure you that fennel, in this capacity, has also conquered my husband, who for years has considered it not very tasty.

The cream prepared with the parmesan and the cooking water of the pasta, perfectly binds the ingredients together and gives the right flavor to the dish.

In short, this is a first course with a balanced and complete flavor from a nutritional point of view.

Do you want to experiment with this ragù?

Then Get the recipe!

How to prepare Trofie with white meat sauce and parmesan cream

Chop the onion and fennel, pour them into a large pan and give a generous round of oil (1).

Then let’s fry a few minutes.

Add the minced meat, the inside of the crumbled sausages (2) and the rosemary, add salt, pepper and brown well (3).

Deglaze with the white wine and let it evaporate.

We continue cooking over moderate heat for about 20-25 minutes (4).

how to prepare trofie

When the ragù is ready, put the pasta on cooking, use less water than usual for cooking, so it will be rich in starch and the cheese will thicken easily.

When the pasta is al dente, drain it, taking care to set aside a few ladles of cooking water, which we will need for the Parmesan cream.

Pour the pasta into the pan with the sauce and sauté it for a few minutes, adding a ladle of water.

We turn off and leave the pasta in the pan.

Trofie with white meat sauce and parmesan cream

Put the parmesan in a bowl (1) and add a little water from the pasta kept aside (2) a little at a time.

We mix with a hand whisk (3) until obtaining a creamy sauce (4).

passages of the trofie

Pour the Parmesan cream over the pasta and mix well.

Trofie with white meat sauce and parmesan cream

We serve immediately.

Trofie with white meat sauce and parmesan cream

Anna’s advice:

If we want a tastier dish we can replace a part of Parmesan with pecorino.

To have a cream cheese without lumps, the cooking water of the pasta must not be too hot.

So let’s pour a ladle or two into a bowl and let it rest for a moment before using it.

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