Risotto with speck apples and cheese


The risotto with speck, apples and cheese is a very tasty first course , quick and easy to prepare, typical of the cuisine of South Tyrol, capable of making everyone’s mouth water. The combination of apples , speck and Stelvio DOP cheese gives life to an original and extraordinary dish. Have you ever thought of fruit as an ideal condiment for a risotto? Until a few years ago I would never have considered this combination. Then a dear friend of the family made me taste a wonderful banana risotto, and from that moment I have, so to speak, discovered a new world.

So when I found myself in South Tyrol I couldn’t help but try the apple, speck and cheese risotto. In the original recipe we find an extraordinary ingredient, the Stelvio DOP cheese , but to tell the truth it is not always possible to find at the supermarket, so I propose my alternative; replace it with the same amount of Angelico del Grappa , a soft cheese with a sweet and delicate flavor that recalls the taste of milk. You can also opt for grated Parmesan . In the latter case, I recommend decreasing the quantity, 50 maximum 60 grams will be more than enough. Do you want to know if this marriage of flavors is successful?

Then get the recipe and follow us in the preparation.

How to prepare risotto with speck, apples and cheese

First, let’s prepare the vegetable broth, then let’s take care of the other ingredients.

We grate the Stelvio DOP or Angelico del Grappa cheese with a grater with large holes, or cut it into julienne strips with a knife. (We resist the temptation to make cubes as these melt more slowly.) Cut the Speck into a matchstick and leave the two ingredients aside. Peel and cut the apples into small cubes, pour them into a bowl with water slightly acidulated with lemon, so that they do not blacken.

Finely chop the onion and let it dry in a pan with oil. Add the rice, toast it and blend with the wine. When it has completely evaporated, we begin to wet with the hot broth, pour it as the rice absorbs it and mix often. In the meantime, put the bacon cut into strips in a non-stick pan and lightly toast it. When the rice is completely cooked for 2-3 minutes, drain the apples and pour them into the pan together with the rice. We mix well and let it finish cooking.

As soon as the rice is ready, turn off the heat and stir in the butter and cheese. Lastly, add the speck, taste and season with salt and pepper. We serve and decorate with mint leaves.

Risotto with speck apples and cheese

Paolone’s advice:


I hope you enjoyed this recipe !! Have you ever tasted Angelico del Grappa or Stelvio DOP?

Let us know if you liked the combination we have proposed …

You can do this by voting and leaving a comment directly below. Or write to us and share your photos on Fuorilericette.it ‘s Facebook or Instagram pages.

Thanks for reading our recipe .. see you soon !!

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