Tomato and guanciale pasta “all’amatriciana”


Today we offer you our Tomato and guanciale pasta ‘all’amatriciana’ . The amatriciana sauce is a classic of Lazio cuisine, really very tasty. We used it to season linguine.

To tell the truth, tradition provides that spaghetti are strictly used as a pasta format. In fact, on the road signs at the entrance to Amatrice it is written ‘city of spaghetti all’amatriciana’. This is a simple but really succulent first course, made up of few ingredients. The guanciale , the peeled tomatoes, the pecorino and the pasta.

However, there are many other variations: for example with the addition of onion or garlic, etc …

In the following recipe we describe how we prepare pasta all’amatriciana or matriciana at home …. We follow some tricks to make the guanciale very crunchy and better bind the sauce to the pasta …

If you are curious to discover them, we just have to pull get the recipe and turn on the stove to show them to you!

How to prepare Tomato and guanciale pasta ‘all’amatriciana’

Cut the guanciale into strips and place it in a non-stick pan, pour the wine over it, close the lid and let it cook over low heat, turning it from time to time.


When the wine has evaporated, remove the lid and continue cooking until it is well browned, then let it cool. We will heat it before adding it to the pasta so it will be more crunchy.

cooked guanciale for Tomato and guanciale pasta all'amatriciana

In another pan pour a drizzle of oil and the red pepper, if we have decided to use it, and let it brown. We also pour the peeled tomatoes that we will have mashed with a fork, add salt and pepper only if we have not used the chilli and let it cook for about ten minutes.

peeled tomatoes for amatriciana pasta

When the sauce is cooked, turn off the heat and pour half the pecorino cheese into the sauce, mix well and let it rest so that it melts a little and binds the pasta well.

peeled tomatoes and grated cheese

Cook the linguine in salted water, drain them, keeping a ladle of cooking water aside, and pour them into the pan with the sauce.

Tomato and guanciale pasta 'all'amatriciana'

Let them season for a minute, add the guanciale that we have heated. If necessary, add a little water to mix the ingredients well.

pasta with tomato sauce amatriciana

We serve and sprinkle with the remaining pecorino.

Tomato and guanciale pasta 'all'amatriciana'

The Chef’s Advice:

For a richer sauce we can cook the sauce in the fat of the guanciale.

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